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Less weight, less thickness, less cost

Our lightweight natural stone materials are produced using only real natural stone produced from engineered veneers that are applied to a variety of backing materials ensuring that we have a solution for any application. The same stone with the same finish but with less costs!

  • Our standard thickness veneered material weighs 75% less than 20mm standard thickness stone
  • Less weight means that our materials do not require complicated and expensive secondary fixing systems
  • Less weight means that large panels sizes are achievable and with faster installation times
  • Less thickness means that our materials can be fixed directly over existing finishes without the need for costly and time consuming removal
  • Almost any stone can be supplied in almost any finish
  • Lightweight stone can be used for a  wide variety of applications: walls, floors, ceilings, furniture, doors to name but a few

With less weight and large panel sizes our materials offer unlimited design potential for commercial applications.

Light Weight Stone Light Weight Stone