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Interior Stone Veneer Panels for Onyx Lift Car Interiors

Lightweight, strong and cost-effective, interior stone veneer panels are the perfect choice for onyx lift car interiors.

The Beauty of Onyx Lift Car Interiors

Typically found either black, white or layered/banded black & white (although some varieties – now generally referred to as sardonyx – feature red banding), onyx is a semi-precious agate, which is a type of banded chalcedony quartz.

The inherent beauty and elegance of this semi-precious stone make it an excellent, highly popular choice for turning lift interiors into timelessly elegant sparkling with outstanding beauty.

The weight and price of solid onyx panels can, however, prohibit their use in lift cars due to load and budget restrictions. Natural onyx is also inherently fragile (exposing it to the risk of accidental chipping, cracking, etc.) and susceptible to damage due to corrosion and/or moisture penetration.

Interior Stone Veneer Panels

Lightweight, cost-effective, strong and durable, onyx veneer panels overcome these inherent – and potentially problematic – properties & characteristics of natural onyx while preserving its stunning natural beauty.

Backed by aluminium panels and boasting an aluminium honeycomb core for extra flexural strength, our veneered stone panels for lift interiors are tested independently for UK/ASTM standard compliance and offer not only increased strength, but also higher impact, fire, corrosion and moisture penetration resistance than solid stone panels.

This, of course, makes them less susceptible to corrosion, accidental damage and moisture penetration and subsequently more durable than solid onyx panels. Their high impact and fire resistance also make them safer in the event of fire, as well as explosions or high impact accidents (which could cause solid onyx panels to shatter, cause additional damage to the surrounding environment and potentially even endanger innocent by-standers’ lives).

Suitable for walls, ceilings and floors, as well as counter/work tops and a host of other interior/exterior applications, they are incredibly versatile and – offering designers/architects much greater freedom of design – perfect for lift interiors.

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