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Lightweight Stone for Lift Cars – Real Stone Veneer Panels

Lightweight stone for lift cars: transform your lifts into spaces of magnificent beauty and classy elegance with real stone veneer panels.

Real Stone Veneer Panels

Combining thin marble, granite, limestone or onyx veneers (typical thickness: 3/5 mm) with a strong, durable backing (aluminium panels & aluminium honeycomb core), our stone veneer panels preserve these stones’ natural beauty while overcoming their inherent properties/characteristics (i.e. fragility/brittleness, susceptibility to corrosion and penetration by moisture; heaviness, etc.)

Stronger, lighter and tested independently for compliance with UK/ASDTM standards (tests included fire testing), veneered stone panels offer greater resistance to moisture penetration, fire, impact & corrosion and are consequently more durable and safer than solid stone.

Combining reduced raw stone usage with ease of installation, honeycomb backed stone is also considerably more cost-effective than solid stone.

Reduced stone usage also means our veneered stone panels reduce exploitation of natural resources and are therefore more environmentally friendly than solid panels, which require much more raw stone and subsequently have a much greater detrimental impact on the environment.

Lightweight, offering exceptional flexural strength and suitable for both interior & exterior projects, our real stone veneered panels are highly versatile and can be easily attached to ceilings, walls and floors – allowing for much greater design freedom and making them perfect for lift interiors.

Lightweight Stone for Lift Cars

Designed and created by our innovative team of experts to help turn your design visions into magnificently beautiful reality, our lightweight stone panels come in a virtually limitless range of lightweight granite, marble, onyx and limestone veneers.

Perfect for bringing the sparkling natural beauty of natural stone into any living or working environment without breaking the bank or falling foul of build load restrictions, veneered stone panels are ideal for lift car interiors and an almost endless range of other interior and exterior applications.

For more information on available options and/or to speak to one of our specialists concerning your specific requirements, please do not hesitate to get in touch by phone: 0203 633 3793, e-mail: or online today.