Lightweight Stone to the rescue

Lightweight Stone to the rescue

Lightweight Stone to the rescue

The process of veneering natural stone does not change or alter the appearance. It is exactly the same stone as the process uses 2cm standard thickness slabs. Comparing a piece of 2cm polished slabs and a 5mm reinforced veneer from the appearance there would be zero difference because it is exactly the same material.

The difference of course is in the weight with dimensional 2cm stone weighing on average 50 kilo per square metre often requiring heavy lifting machinery and expensive secondary mechanical fixing systems and restraints and often the in place costs are more than double the material cost.


Again the lightweight stone panel option is favourably priced from the outset with in place costs on average 60{efda99cc2c334167d7fa0293ac7af9c85efd915959b83e165589dc53895e86bc} less.


Flexibility is key when making comparisons with solid slabs. Thin profile panels can be fixed directly over existing finishes so no need for removal of old finishes and no need for making good any damage during the process. Also our thin profile lightweight panels can be incorporated into joinery items such as cupboard doors and the like. Allowing natural stone to be used in applications that would have otherwise be weight/cost prohibitive.

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