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Ivory Travertine
Lightweight stone veneer panels with aluminium honeycomb backing are the perfect answer to bringing the timeless elegance of natural stone to lift interiors. Stone Lift Interiors Natural stone can add a touch of classic elegance and timeless beauty to any environment, and lift interiors are no exception. Using solid stone panels can, however, present designers/architects
Lift interior refurbishment
There are several good reasons why honeycomb backed architectural decorative panels are the perfect solution for marble lift interiors. Here are some of them. Marble Lift Interiors Cladding your lifts’ interiors with marble doubtlessly transforms them into incredibly beautiful, timelessly elegant spaces. Unfortunately, natural marble is not only heavy but also somewhat brittle, fragile and
From ancient Mesopotamian and Egyptian cultures to London’s Marble Arch; from Rome’s Pantheon to the Taj Mahal in Agra; from the Parthenon in Athens to Stow House’s Marble Room (Buckinghamshire) and the exterior of Westminster Cathedral, marble cladding has been used to add timeless beauty to the interior and exterior of buildings around the world
Lightweight Stone to the rescue The process of veneering natural stone does not change or alter the appearance. It is exactly the same stone as the process uses 2cm standard thickness slabs. Comparing a piece of 2cm polished slabs and a 5mm reinforced veneer from the appearance there would be zero difference because it is
Lightweight granite stone panels are an ever more popular alternative to solid natural granite panels. Here is why. Natural Granite Panels Natural granite is comparatively expensive and the cheapest way of using this type of stone is generally in the shape of tiles. These tiles are typically available in sizes including 305 mm x 305
Consisting of thin natural stone veneer sheets bonded to varying backing panels, lightweight composite stone panels are suitable for a broad range of both interior and exterior applications. Preserving stone’s natural beauty, these panels have several major advantages. Here are some of them. Lightweight Composite Stone Advantages – Weight As the name suggests, these panels
Introducing our patented polymer reinforced natural stone. Same stone, same appearance but with less weight, easy to fix and with considerably reduced in place costs compared to 2cm stone slabs. Weighing only 13 kilo’s per square metre and with a thickness of only 13mm enables our polymer backed natural stone panels to be used in
Microthin our thinnest & lightest natural stone material weighing in at only 4kg per square metre! With panel sizes of 1200 x 600 and only 2mm thick. Perfect for over cladding existing commercial finishes with adhesive and/or to be used in weight restrictive application such as lift cars, ceilings as well as applications within the
Lightweight Stone Panels
Designing in stone can be both time consuming, complicated and of course expensive. Our lightweight natural stone panels offer many advantages over conventional thickness stone slabs and tiles and are equally suitable for both new construction and refurbishment, particularly bathrooms. Panels weigh exactly the same per square metre irrespective of panel size. Our lightweight panels
Australian sandstone

10th March 2015

Australian sandstone

This beautiful Australian sandstone is now available as a lightweight panel.