Top 3 Advantages of Using Lightweight Composite Stone

Top 3 Advantages of Using Lightweight Composite Stone

Consisting of thin natural stone veneer sheets bonded to varying backing panels, lightweight composite stone panels are suitable for a broad range of both interior and exterior applications. Preserving stone’s natural beauty, these panels have several major advantages. Here are some of them.

Lightweight Composite Stone Advantages – Weight

As the name suggests, these panels are lightweight – and significantly lighter than solid granite, marble or limestone; slate, sandstone or indeed any other solid natural stone. This means lightweight composite stone panels reduce the dead load of a building and can subsequently be used in areas where structural requirements/limitations may otherwise prohibit the use of natural stone. What’s more, their light weight also:

  • Makes handling these panels easier, which in turn increases installation speeds – saving time and labour
  • Allows panels to be installed directly over existing surfaces without costly, time-consuming remedial works
  • Allows panels to be installed on any substrate with the help of comparatively low-cost methods including, for example, concealed screws, adhesives or interlocking channels

Lightweight Composite Stone Advantages – Flexibility and Strength

Reducing natural stone’s often fragile, brittle properties, the backing process for lightweight composite stone panels provides greater flexural strength and impact resistance. This, of course:

  • Makes these panels suitable for a virtually limitless range of applications
  • Significantly reduces risks of breaking/chipping during transport and installation
  • Minimises risks of warping (longer stone panels are especially susceptible to this natural characteristic)
  • Offers increased resistance to penetration by moisture/water

The latter is of particular importance when dealing with open-structured stone types like, for instance, travertine or limestone.

Lightweight Composite Stone Advantages – Utilisation of Stone

Maximising usage of natural stone (one cubic-metre of raw stone can only produce 45 m2 of solid stone panels, but will produce as much as 135 m2 of composite lightweight stone panels), lightweight composite stone panels:

  • Reduce exploitation of natural resources
  • Promote conservation of the environment
  • Reduce the cost per square metre

This final point is especially important when dealing with more expensive stones like, for instance, onyx marble or sky-blue granite.


In a nutshell, lightweight composite stone panels are more versatile, cost-effective, environmentally friendly, flexible, strong and long-lasting than solid stone. Interested? Get in touch with our experts today.


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